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Thursday, 28 May 2009

It is all your fault!

Where is my time going? Where are my days, evenings and weekends running away to?

I desperately want a couple more hours in the day in order to tick a few more things off my daily lists. Part of the reason for my loss on the grip of time is THIS! The Internet; social media and networking sites which clog up my day. With so many talented writers and interesting posts, I have a constant urge to keep reading and discovering what is out there.

When I get to work on a morning, or when I get home and switch on my bubblegum pink Dell, my sequence is the same: Check hotmail, check facebook, check twitter, read latest posts on the blogs I have linked to, read posts that others link to. All of this can easily lose me an hour and then I go back to the start because someone may have emailed me, poked me, tweeted me or made a comment.

Also not helping my increasing addiction is the amount of social media marketing that I am now doing at work. I have set up facebook and twitter pages for our company and some of the projects to raise the profile of our brands and to pick up some work. It works and I can easily spend a day searching out profiles to follow, searching tweets to respond to subtlety promoting websites and the business. But where I get lost is in the amount of information available - so many links to blog posts and website telling you how to 'increase your number of followers' , 'analyse your twitter page', 'social marketing for small businesses'. It goes on and on and it is all so useful for me but where is my time to read and then action.

At the crux of it all is not only my time but when, where and how much to say across all these sites. There has been a few discussions on Emily's blog here and on Caroline's regarding anonymity and how personal blogs are. As discussed on Every Day I Lie A Little and Follow the Yellow Brick Road, many writers have their personal blogs or diaries and then other sites where they are able to express themselves through characters and creative writing. I can only tell it how it is and that can prove a challenge when I am marketing a business, promoting myself as a marketeer, attempting to write and explore my creativity and then just being me.

By the time I have read through all the posts and blogs, chuckled at some tweets, looked at photos from someones weekend, I am too tired to comment and therefore, none of the above is working because, as people keep stating, it is all about interacting with your audience.

Hello Audience!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lullaby Love

I watch your gaze and your smile lighten,
I trace your fingertips over hidden lines
you fought the ocean and sailed on through,
burying your soul deep against tides

the gesture of love and the promise of stars
a story etched under salty streams,
the ending the start of a happy beginning
a change in tone complements a lighter shade: soft to touch, gentle to feel.
the song is whispered as a gentle breeze, embracing my fear with a lullaby

slow to sleep but rest I will
comfort no longer sought from the dancing flowers
or in the silence of loneliness
now I can close my eyes with no worry to the past or fear to the coming
my eyes fade with the vision of you but my smile remains

as my reality pulls me close
butterflies dance across my back,
heat stirs beneath my skin,
my lust sweats but my enduring love prevails