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Friday, 5 September 2008


They met for a reason
Two broken pieces
A shattered heart and a broken soul
One night to connect in body and mind
Gave light to dark times and new hope
Hands that fit, bodies that mold
An understanding of trust as the basis for new
A knowing that love lifts and lightens the path
Sometimes so close, yet distance prevents
The release of the past and belief in the now
The season continues as a friendship spins
Out of control where mistakes are made
Through fault of the past
But lessons of trust continue to build
Foundations for freedom
Build and grow
Together as one
A lifetime

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

I found your blog via twitter, which I found via facebook, this feels like stalking a bit, I promise it's not.

I know you probably haven't written this blog with me in mind (at all) but I wanted to say that I've been reading today, from the first post and this is where I have got to. I love the way you write and it reminds me of how I wanted my blogs to be when I first started them. However, I was too scared to put my true thoughts out there.

Anyway, I guess I'm just offering my appreciation.

x hel x