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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

no title just thoughts

I lie awake
on daytime thoughts
I sleep alone
with tired fears
I walk incomplete
between lost time

Friday, 20 February 2009


I wish
I didn't dream
of your life now
and how
you are more alive
without me

I wish
I hadn't given you
so long
to hurt me

I wish
I could heal
the scar
and the bruise
you left
on my intuition

I wish
I could start anew
to look deeply
into fresh blue eyes
with no thought
to lessons
you imprinted

I wish
the trigger
of infidelity
could be
for the last time

Monday, 16 February 2009

Roses are red, bubbles are pink...

My Valentines weekend was filled with treats and loveliness:

Cups of tea with my nan, dinner with best friends, giggles, rose wine, hugging the one that needed love, exercise class with best friends on Saturday morning, more giggles, bending, stretching, meditation, my mum finishing the adjustments on my beautiful green vintage dress, wearing said dress, buying pink jellied sweets for gingerbread man, pink fizz, bubbles, a dozen red roses, candles, glitter love hearts, cooked breakfasts, Sunday lounging, shared cooking, homemade spicy meatballs, baby grand, sticky toffee pudding, early night, cups of tea and lots of kisses.

Monday, 9 February 2009

New words, new sites, new ways

My tonsillitis is clearing, but I still see it necessary to eat a lot of comfort food (I have just devoured quarter of a toffee and pecan cheesecake), wear baggy knitted cardigans, drink excessive amounts of tea and go to bed very early.

Whilst eating and drinking lots, I have been finding lots of fab blogs and sites and new pretty things for my kitchen, which will hopefully be finished soon.

Socrates Adams- Florou has started an adventure blog called Choose your own adventure. The suspense is brewing; the chapters are a result of people voting for a particular outcome. I think it might get weird. Fantastic.

Save the word is a brilliant site (a recent find whilst reading Beth's blog), so many words, so much inspiration. I am liking the words: Mulomedic, quibbleism and pigritude. I am wondering who writes the definitions:
bumposopher - one learned in bumps
Mary's boyfriend is a bumposopher, and couldn't stop fondling everyone's head at the dinner table.

I have spent a considerable amount of time on twitter today, I signed up a week or so ago with no idea on what it is or what you are meant to do. Anyway, I am there to twit me or whatever it is.

If the shoe fits....

Friday, 6 February 2009

My turn with the throat of doom

I have tonsillitis. I am at work and I need a hug. My throat is on fire. I have big white gremlins hanging to the side of my throat. I need to be hugged and soothed. I am 29 and I want my mum. There is no one to hug me. Not sure my director would appreciate it if I asked him.
I am at my desk hugging a hot water bottle. I am going to slide off my chair and under my cold, unfriendly workstation and hide until home time or until someone comes and hugs me.