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Monday, 20 July 2009

Catching up with everything

I feel that I have neglected this blog recently and guilty that I have been spending more time on Twitter. I almost feel unfaithful to my blog – that I haven’t taken time to sit and write about what I have been doing, feeling or post any stories. Being here now feels a little awkward, as though I have done something wrong. But in my justification, I have found some brilliant new blogs and have enjoyed reading other people’s work.

It was through Twitter that Nik Perring asked what questions fellow Twitterers would like to ask authors for a series of interviews he was doing. Intrgrigued as to how authors separate real life and stories, I submitted some questions and low and behold, Nik used them when interviewing Vanessa Gebbie, the author of Words from a Glass Bubble. My questions were based around inspiration which I have been struggling with. I wondered what the most unsual place she had found inspiration as I do find I can be in the most random of places when something triggers - a noise or smell perhaps, but turning that idea into something is another story! I also asked about writing fiction and writing about oneself which she answers with some great advice. You can read his interview here.

Another reason for my lackadaisical approach is that I have been on my HOLIDAYS. I spent a lovely relaxing week in Parga, Greece with Martyn two weeks ago, which was booked with thanks to Emily at My Shitty Twenties. It was an amazing place -so friendly and traditional. I have updated my travel blog - Traveling Upside Down with the story of our litte adventure and included some pictures of the beautiful town.

I am hoping that now that I have had some time off I will be a little more focused and I have promised my blog that I will no longer neglect it. I know that I am going to have lots to say soon as I am hoping to stike off some of my Things to do before I am 30 list.