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Friday, 26 October 2012


My laparoscopy to check my right ovary was on this day a year ago. This was when they told me that the cells had spread and that I would have to have my remaining ovary removed.
This time last year I thought I wouldn't have children.
Today, I am +1 day over my due date and can't help feeling that she will come today.

So much is about to change.

From today, I will be with Carl always. No more goodnights over FaceTime, no more 'Morning.. I am awake' texts, no more struggling on our own.

We will become a team - how a husband and wife should be as we start our next chapter together and raise our little family.

I can't believe how fast 12 months have passed by, but finally, we are on the edge of what we have wanted for so long.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Birthday wishes

Ever since I was little, I always said that my ideal age to have children would be 33. I don't know where this came from, whether it was a random age I picked from the clouds or whether something influenced me at a young age. But I always had an idea that by the age of 33, I would like to be married and that children would come during my thirty-third year.

Today is my birthday and today I turn 33.

In the last year, I have got married and in (hopefully) 10 days time, our little miracle will have arrived and I will become a mother.

Now I don't know whether my life is following some kind of plan, I don't really believe in destinies or fate. But I do know that things can happen quickly when it is absolutely right, when we accept and are open to ourselves and others, life has a way of rewarding us.

I remember saying to mum each birthday as I approached today's age and whilst single, that it is and would be possible to meet someone, marry them and have a baby all within a year - as long as it was right. And this is what has happened, OK it has been a little longer than a year but still, it goes to show, when it is right and you know - life is on your side and good things happen.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Autumn Reflections

Sometimes it feels like I have already gone.
Like the summer that flew by without a hint of what used to be.
No warmth is left just lazy sunshine clinging to the last hours.
I feel avoided.
Like the clocks changing, I am the bearer of long periods of darkness that nobody likes to talk about.
The white elephant in the corner of the room.
As leaves turn and eventually fall, leaving landscapes vulnerable and empty.
I wonder how my new surroundings will welcome me or whether I will be left in the whiteness of winter.

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