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Sunday, 26 July 2015


She sat wondering what it was that she had done. Why had it changed and when had it all become so different.
"We've become older" was one response she murmured. 
But it wasn't this that she wanted to say. 
She wanted to scream and shout "You forgot me".
This was the real reason.
Time changes us all she thought, but why should that mean that we forget. 
Life happens and shit gets busy but because someone is out of sight, does that mean they are out of mind. 
She stirred the spoon in her coffee. There was no sugar to stir, but she needed to do something that her eyes could focus on, before they cried. 
She watched the bubbles spin in anti- clockwise motion. 
"This is how I feel" she whispered.
The thoughts tumbling like the bubbles.
A tear slid from her eyes and stopped the  motion. 
"You no longer need me" 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Chasing the sunset

I chased the sunset all the way home,
just for you,
to save you,
from yourself
your cries off wants,
your screams of needs,
it broke my heart.

The faster I went,
to catch the sun,
before it set to darkness
and before your teary eyes
shut me out.