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Monday, 5 March 2012

A different journey

If you believe, You will get to the end destination no matter what, even if it is on a different route.

This was said to me this morning as I travelled across country on numerous trains instead of the two I was due to be on.

Life can be so strange at times. We all have ideas and plans in our heads as to how things are meant to be or how they are meant to turn out. Sometimes we are told that somethings are just not for us and no matter how hard we try, the result is always the same. We can fight against it, complain that life isn't fair but all it does is take vital energy that could be used to focus on something else - something more positive and rewarding. However, every now and then, when we accept things as they are and stop trying to achieve a certain state of mind or to gain something, a miracle can happen.

It may not be as we expected it, or as we planned but it is there in arms reach and ready for the taking. This is when we count ourselves very lucky and whilst we never gave up hope, the key to fulfilment and making our dreams come true is acceptance.

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