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Friday, 10 October 2008

Pepper's drool

I have just returned from my morning meeting. It has been a bizarre day so far and I am wondering what might happen this afternoon.

Firstly, the lady that I met with this morning, who owns a self- catering property asked me to help her carry her wet washing. I became her laundry assistant.
Once in her house, we had a conversation about a swede; she was apologising for the smell of the swede, explaining that her friend had given it to her. Fair enough the conversation was relevant (there was a pungent aroma to her house) but to talk about a swede for 5 minutes - I struggled.
We started to talk and I went into 'sales pitch' mode to which she kept responding with words I didn't understand, especially the random french words that were thrown into most of her sentences. I just smiled and sipped on my coffee.
After half and hour, our meeting was brought to an abrupt end by her black Labrador who was happily devouring my ham, lettuce and salad cream sandwich. Pepper, had sniffed out my lunch and removed it from my handbag; she wasn't too keen on the lettuce or the cling-film but the rest was gone and I was left with nothing other than a diary covered in drool. This led to a few minutes of awkwardness with Pepper's owner apologising profusely whilst offering me some lunch money and me telling her not to worry. It was a table tennis style conversation.

I left with £3.00 and no sale.  

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