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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Everything this week has been rushed. My life has stepped up a gear and I can't slow it down. This post is going to be rushed because although I want to update this blog I have no flipping time. (Flipping is my word for the month, every other word is a flip or flipping) So for a while, I feel that this blog will become my 'ranting space' with very little creativity, not that I think I have any but I like to give it a go - I am in it for the ride.

I realise that I am not making things easy for myself. I can't say no and I can't stop helping people, thus giving myself no flipping time. Seriously though, where is time going?
At work I am a cartoon character, with arms buzzing up and down typing, answering the telephone (because no one else flipping bothers) I am up and down like a flipping yo-yo. I don't run this company, I flipping well should do, so why am I having to sort out our fire extinguishers (which have been out of date since 2001!) I am a full marketing department - just me.

At home I have a new kitchen to plan and install. Work hopefully starts tomorrow in which case I need to pack everything up. Then I need to plan plan plan.

I have friends who I want to see and talk to, and with Christmas time looming, lots of people to catch up with. I want to help my friend who has three year old twins and after being amazingly strong for the past year, after finding out her husband was seeing someone else, is now in pieces and unable to cope. I don't know what to do to help, other than offer to babysit so she can go food shopping or walk the dog, I can only do this if I have another 3 hours added to the day.  I think I might put a Christmas hamper together for her - some handmade goodies for her and the little ones. 

Time time time time, flipping time. My dad has offered to buy me lunch today, great! saves me cooking tonight but I have adverts, copy, deadlines, phone calls coming at me from every angle.

Talking of which... better get on.

Rant over.

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