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Monday, 1 June 2009

Corners of my home

Whilst taking photos of the many clothes thatI have turned out of my wardrobe to sell on ebay, I got a little camera happy and took some pictures of my favourite things - that make my little victorian terraced house my perfect little den.

My new dress which is so pretty I can't bear to put it in the wardrobe

My rubber plant is called Dave and he lives in a giant tea cup
I am pig obessive. This is Gertrude, she is my fattest pig but by far the cutest.

A corner of my new kitchen with my new tea cosy, handmade by a WI group on the Isle of Wight. My mum knew that I would love it. She was right! Once my perfect kitchen is finished I will share, all I need to find is some vintage jugs, teapots and pretty saucers for my shelves.


Anonymous said...

pretty pretty pretty - aj xxx

myshittytwenties said...

You have such pretty things. I do too but I can't be tidy and there are toddler trails everywhere! x