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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Childhood Summers

I dream of summers passed, of times captured under a orange haze; the smell of roses, perfumed sweet peas. Strawberry splits whilst legs dangle and toes dip in the cool racing river. A garden kingdom for cowboys and red Indians, a climbing frame castle to hide from the 'baddies'. Imaginations fly and set sail on rafts, lost at sea until the soda stream flows. The softness of grass, lush underfoot, the tickle of straw against running legs. A family picnic with bat and ball, bright melamine plates dressed with triangle sandwiches, cups full of cherryade pop. The old dog pants - searching for shade until paddling pool splashes provide a cooling game. Laughter and songs as games are played, cheerful tunes and a screwball surprise. A day on the beach, hours in the sea, car journeys home with fish and chips on knees. Tired to bed with sun-kissed skin and dreams of the adventure that the next day brings