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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The new venture

It is funny how quickly you can grow up when thrown into a whole new universe of meaning.

For the second time in my 30 years, I have been made redundant. It just so happened to be on Friday 13th August. I have never been superstitious but maybe I will start to be.

So it happened again, but this time I have no job to go to and I don't have the support of a partner to pick up when it all gets too much. What I do have, is something far more exciting, rewarding and a whole group of friends who are there to keep me going and to cheer me along the way.

I have set up my own business, which is something I have been working towards for the past couple of months but I had a plan of doing it gradually and building the business and client base before taking the big leap. Life never works out to a plan though does it?! So, I have been frantically working to get my business set up, to tell as many people as possible and to win as may contracts from the old business. I got made redundant with immediate effect on the Friday and I had the business registered on Saturday night (along with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate!)

Welcome.... The Marketing Collective!

I still have a couple of weeks to go, my branding and website will be done very soon and once I can see my new identity I can start my road of marketing myself and winning business.
I also have some hard negotiating to do with the liquidators to gain some of the brands I worked on and to be fair took with me to the job after my first redundancy.

I am not finding it daunting, a little scary and extremely stressful but I know it will be worth it in years to come. I think maybe I am managing ok because of the help love and support I am getting from friends and family, so, thank you to all who have and are helping me - you know who you are!

Anyway, best get back to it... I have a business to run!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you massive success and every little crumb of good luck going, Jo; Welcome to your own Lifetime! :o) xx

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jo! I'm sure you will flourish! ;0)

x hel x

Jo said...

Thanks Ricky! You are one of those friends who I couldn't have done without! xx

Thank you Helen... I certainly hope so! x

Corporate Photographer London said...

How is the new venture going? I know Lyndsey at Inspired. As a fellow freelancer, its all ups and downs, but like life. Grantly

Corporate Photographer London said...

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emily josephine mcphillips said...

aw, best of luck jo. x

RickyBee said...

And you for I, dear JoJo. And - I have a whole £10 riding on you being a millionaire in 5-10. Don't you dare disappoint me, now! ;) xx

Jo said...

Hi Grantly, thanks for stopping by and commenting. It certainly is up and down but I am enjoying the ride. Will have a looksie at your site and blog. :)

Jo said...

Thanks Emily :)

And Ricky.. I will certainly not disappoint you! I hope you got good odds on your £10! xx