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Sunday, 29 January 2012


I cried when you were born
I had never cried happy tears
never understood
but when I saw you, happiness took over
You were perfect.

As you grew and your personality revealed
the little girl with the curls
with princess tantrums
all sugar and spice
You became Flossy

Growing up was so much fun
shopping, concerts, sleep-overs and treats
being stuck in the rain and wearing my clothes
Stories, games and secrets
You were my sunshine

A performer at school
You tried everything once
So many concerts and shows
your confidence beaming
You made me so proud

Into teens and so we grow
so many changes, life is unfair
a cycle repeats
and I am always there to hold your hand
You are so strong

And now an adult
Beautiful in every way
confident and and caring
we are as close as they come
You are my sister - and I wouldn't change a thing.

Happy 18th Birthday Flossy xx

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