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Friday, 18 April 2008

Office atmosphere

I hate days like today. They are filled with awkwardness and tension. I don't like it when it is only the two of us in the office, it puts me on edge and makes me feel miserable.
As soon as I came in I plugged in my headphones, set my ITunes to shuffle and have been typing away since. No conversation. He tried some pleasantries to which I responded as best I could. I have my music up loud so I can't hear him drumming his fingers on the table in between typing and so I can't hear him lying.
He lies an awful lot about us as a company and what we can do but also when it comes to what he should have done or should be doing. It is very easy to catch him out. He doesn't understand the implications of his lies and the effect it has on the rest of the company, the staff who have to set the record straight and muggins here who often has to go behind him clearing up his tracks. He leaves a trail like a tornado, but it isn't material things that get damaged, it is people's feelings and pride.

We have talked about how we don't get on and how we clash but we don't quite know what to do about it or why. He thinks it is because we are similar ages. I think, actually I know it is because he has no values or morals. He is disrespectful, rude and a liability. He thinks that he has the right to read all of our emails when we are out of the office, take money from petty cash, slate our work, lie and eat food that doesn't belong to him. To him, he has the right because he isn't staff he is a director. I think it is shocking behaviour.
So, for today, whilst it is just us in our office I will keep my head down, look busy and stayed tuned into my music. He will think I am am the 'Ice Queen' with an array of issues.
I think I will listen to the Beach Boys, warm sunny feelings.

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