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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sugar and Spice

.... and all things nice.... and all things pink and pretty.

Christmas 2008 has been one of my favourites by far. I must have been a very good girl all year as Santa was very kind, or, I have a very lovely boyfriend. I don't think I have felt this lucky since I unwrapped my Barbie House when I was seven. There is however a downside to my Xbox and Guitar Hero game; I might become neglectful of this blog for a while. I will try not too though, willpower is all I need (and to stop being booed off stage)

My mum found the cake stand I had wanted months ago, it is so pretty and will look perfect in my new kitchen. I never described it to her, just told her that I had seen in in my favourite shop. Apparently she went the next day, telling my step dad that she would know which one it was as soon as she saw it and bingo! Call it mothers intuition.


emily josephine said...

i love your cake stand, but it'll be very hard for the stand not to upstage the cakes. the cakes will have to be incredibly fancy.

Jo said...

Thanks Emily, my post christmas diet isn't going to start well with fancy cakes dripping in icing and pretty decorations permanently on display x