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Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year

My NYE celebrations were a bit of shambles. Boyfriend's van wouldn't start so he was unable to come down from London and it was too late to catch a train, so I went to the local pub with my dad and brother. In an effort to try and enjoy the evening and stop feeling miserable for not being with Martyn I drank far too much. Not only did I fall over and sprain my ankle (I blame my black patent stiletto heels and very tight pencil skirt combo) but I also can't remember saying happy new year to anyone. My brother assures me I did and that I was busting some excellent moves on the dance floor.

This leads me to my resolutions:
1. To drink in moderation
2. Always do the right thing

According to my stars for 2009, this is going to be a very good year for me. I have been reading a variety of horoscope predictions for this new year, I am a very typical Libran and it amuses me to see how different papers predict slightly different happenings. I think 2009 is going to be a challenging one, work is going to be a difficult one due to one of the directors leaving to (selfishly) follow his goals. It will be a make or break time for the the business but there is an offer of directorship for myself. A decision to ponder over in some depth.

I want to do more of what I enjoy in 2009: baking, painting, going for walks, cooking, dancing, spending time with friends,  gardening, reading, spending time by the sea, smiling, laughing, loving and letting go.

I want to do less of: eating junk food, crying, sulking, procrastinating, over thinking, feeling bitter, all day hangovers,

Sally has tagged me to write seven things about myself and then tag seven more people, I never usually do these things, but I feel like time wasting:

1. I am the same height now as when I left primary school ( 5ft 7in)
2. I love pigs
3. I am coulrophobic
4. I can't eat chocolate and haven't done so for 18 years.
5. For my lunch today, I ate a ham, cheese and mustard sandwich on white bread and an apple
6. I have a sore neck and back from sleeping funny on Saturday night
7. I think I have a ghost in my house

The seven people I will 'tag' are: Emily, Bethan, Martyn, Laura, Emma, Bunglie, spiderpig. 



emily josephine said...

can't eat chocolate.
you've tagged me, & i'm a spoil sport by not doing it, i get to involved with things like that, i'd probably just end up writing a story about myself which is something i avoid doing at all costs.

emily josephine said...

oh i do get frustrated when i miss out that o.