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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Between partners, friend, colleagues, clients and family there is always a level of compromising which is acceptable, that is how we get through our ever complicating lives; agreeing on less than we originally wanted for the sake of things that are more important to us such as love, peace and more often, a simple quiet life. But what of when you compromise what you, yourself want to be? What becomes of those that compromise the future, security and happiness of others?

There is a lot of compromise taking place around me and I am unsure as to whether it is based on the lack of acceptance or attainability. Selfishness has a part to play; it is the darker voice from the left shoulder saying “think of number one”, “don’t give in”. That is OK, if the compromise is unfair or unacceptable but when someone is in front of you, someone you have a love for, and they are stood with their defences down, hoping for honesty and trust, is it not the ‘right path to take’ and adjust your demands, perceptions or values to a more comprising ideal?

I have a dream. A life wished for and worked towards, a job which is a means to that life. I have morals and values, reflective of that life which holds me as I want me to be, a promise to myself.

Is it that others are compromising my dreams or am I? What would happen if I shared those dreams? They become vulnerable and open to further compromise by those selfish enough to try.

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