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Friday, 6 February 2009

My turn with the throat of doom

I have tonsillitis. I am at work and I need a hug. My throat is on fire. I have big white gremlins hanging to the side of my throat. I need to be hugged and soothed. I am 29 and I want my mum. There is no one to hug me. Not sure my director would appreciate it if I asked him.
I am at my desk hugging a hot water bottle. I am going to slide off my chair and under my cold, unfriendly workstation and hide until home time or until someone comes and hugs me.


Katherine said...

oh no! you've been infected by the THROAT OF DOOM! as a fellow sufferer, I sympathise heartily. Lots of virtual hugs in your direction. Now go to bed and take it easy! xx

Jo said...

Thanks Katherine. My weekend consisted of bed, honey and lemon and lots of food. feeling much better now ; )