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Thursday, 31 December 2009

End of a decade

This time ten years ago I was in Benidorm counting down to the year 2K. It was the most expensive holiday I have taken - I flew to Austrailia and back for near enough the same cost of a week on the Costa Blanca. It may have been all inclusive but that just meant that half the group (including myself) got food poisoning. I remember all the hype about the 2K bug and how computers over the world would crash and how it was so important to be doing something amazing to see in the New Year.

Although it seems like yesterday, scrambling onto Benidorm beach with my family, boyfriend and friends to watch the most awesome fireworks; it also seems like an eternity ago. And how different am I now! Ten years of learning, heartache, growing, love and new confidence.

All of these things sum up the last year alone. 2009 has been the year for me getting myself together, being brave and starting to put things in place for my future. Instead of bumbling along, often unhappy and too scared to make a point.

2009 didn't start in the best manner, I smashed a glass apparently very close to midnight which is meant to be VERY bad luck. I wasn't with the person or people I wanted to be with and saw the year in stupidly drunk with my brother. I was off alcohol for months I was so poorly.

There has been a lot of change at work with a Director leaving, new staff starting and myself becoming a Director. Financially, it has been a tough year and I am still owed for October's pay. 2009 was the year of change at work and the coming year will determine it's success or failure. Scary but hopeful times.

I broke a heart which was the hardest thing to do, but I wasn't happy; the relationship wasn't what I wanted and it was changing me as a person. I needed to take time out and to just be with me. But it demonstrated a new strength and confidence, one I wish I had found in 2006.

I turned 30 in 2009 and after all the drama and worries, I can honestly say, so far, my thirties have been the very best times. I have made many new friends through the world of Twitter - some of which I have met and some I hope to in 2010. Twitterland is always so hard to describe to those who are not involved, you can see it in people's expressions that they think of you as a sad muppet who does nothing more than chat nonsense to strangers- what can be more desperate than that! It isn't like that at all. For me Twitter is a community of friends who help, support and listen, friends who make you smile and giggle whatever the time of day, friends who take an interest, like-minded people who share experiences. It has given me confidence in over the last few months and would have been a little lost without it.

2009 has been all about experiences and pushing my boundaries. I skydived, snorkeled, rode a scooter in Greece speeding around the mountains, I travelled places on my own and challenged my confidence. 2010 is going to see more of this. More living and fun, more smiles and challenges. Work is going to be a huge challenge and I already have some difficult decisions to make, decisions that relate to my future and what I want out of it. There are things that I crave - to be in love and to be loved, settling down, a family, stability and security. But I am not rushing to find these, they will come when ready, I am learning to be patient and to trust what will be, will be.

Bring it on I say! I am going to have a bloody good time in 2010... whose with me?!


Anonymous said...

I am *so* with you lovely lady :-)
It has been a joy getting to know you, and hearing about your brave adventures - I'm certain 2010 will bring you one step closer to your dreams x

Anonymous said...

agree with what Butterfly girl said :)

Anonymous said...

Oh & Happy New Year! :)

Jo said...

Aw thanks Lisa, likewise it has been fab getting to know you too and long may it continue! 2010 is going to be a fab year for both of us.. look out 2010! We have arrived. x

thebishopofwit - thank you! and Happy New Year to you also x

Nik Perring said...

Happy new year. X

Mr BUMP said...

Happy new year,you are loved,very much so,you always will be x