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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Home-made Christmas

I think this is the first Christmas in quite a few years that I am full into the festive swing and feeling excited about the season to be jolly. This is partly to do with being on my own and not having to run here there and everywhere trying to fit everyone in. My parents divorced many moons ago and every year it is a battle trying to appease everyone, dividing my time equally between both parents as well as fitting in seeing my nans. This year, with being on my own I also don't have another family to fit in so it all will feel a little easier and more relaxed.

Although being on my own has meant doing things like picking and putting up the Christmas tree; every year I tell myself that I will not have a real tree the following year. I don't think there is anything else in the world that could induce such rage within me than the struggle to get a (wonky) tree into a bucket where the screws are bent and broken. It turns out, that the trunk on this year's treet, is nicely bent, which means it will never be straight no matter the stand or bucket. This is according to my mum and stepdad who saved the day by sorting out the tree for me whilst I was at work. I don't think it looks too bad, the eclectic range of decorations take your eyes away from how much it leans!

This Christmas is very much a home-made Christmas for me; I generally make my cards each year, which I always think should be a cost saving exercise, but it never is. I seem to spend a fortune on card, ribbon, buttons and card decorations and in terms of the time it takes, well, I started making my cards about 5 weeks ago! I enjoy it and it keeps me out of mischief (as my nan would say) so I guess it doesn't matter. I like to be individual. This year my cards have taken more or a textile theme - I even did some sewing!
Then there is the chutney, a scrumptious Christmas Chutney courtesy of Domestic Sluttery of which I have made two batches to give as presents to friends and family and of course, some for myself!
For something a little different, I made some Bath Fizzes, or Bath Bombs as I have been calling them! Again, so simple but really effective as a Christmas present. My first attempt was, what can I say; Interesting. You have to mix bicarbonate of soda, cornflour and citric acid together (I know! the ingredients do sound like they will burn your skin off - but they don't - it is all safe), adding in any food colouring or glitter and some essential oil for fragrance. I not only added too much lavender oil that I felt a little high but I also added too much when spraying with water - I let it get too damp and started the chemical reaction and it all started to fizz. How I thought I was able to stop this is beyond me, but I did try. Batch two worked and actually look pretty good if I do say so myself!

I think the chutney and bath fizzes make a nice little pressie... and anyway, it is the thought that counts!
Isn't it?


Arlene Chase said...

I make my own SPA products, including bath bombs, and give them away as gifts. Saves me tons of money.

Jo said...

Hi Arlene, I never realised how easy bath bombs are! Will be doing a lot more next year I think! :)