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Friday, 12 November 2010

Making the first hurdle

In life we gravitate towards certain people. Sometimes we never know why we are drawn to others, but the pull of a friendship and that 'can't put my finger on it' feeling why you just know that you are meant to know someone, can be overwhelming.

I was told years ago that I have a lot of soul mates. Not just one, a couple or a few, but a lot. And I know it.

I have the friends that I grew up with, my best friends who still, after 25yrs of knowing each other (yes we went to playschool together) I know that I can count on them at any time and for any situation. I wouldn't necessary say they are all my soul mates, very close yes, but the friendships have changed and at some points been strained as we have grown older (which is inevitable) and sometimes I wonder whether, if meeting them today as strangers, whether we would be friends. Nethertheless, I love them dearly.

We meet people for reasons - to help us through certain chapters of our lives, whether happy, sad or challenging. There is always someone who outshines the others and no matter how long may go by without speaking, they are always there. Never doubting always encouraging.

I have a few friends who without knowing and having their help, I wouldn't have started up my business. From business advice to faith and encouragement, without them, I would have fallen at the first hurdle.

Many of the friends I feel closest to and who know me better than I know myself, are friends I have made through Twitter or become closer to as a result of. There are at least five people who I share that feeling of just 'knowing' that we are meant to be friends, that the coincidences that surround us and our experiences are more than just that and in cases it feels like we have been friends for years.

So, for helping me to get where I am today, with work and emotionally, I thank: (in no particular order because you are all ace) Lisa, Darren, Nik, Sarah, Carl, Alex, Chris, Lucy and Rich.

And to all my other lovely friends and who keep me sane, on and off-line and to the new friends around the corner.

Stick with me. I will get there.

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Butterfly Girl said...

Just catching up on your blog lovely. Love and hugs and admiration of your brave honesty, as always - looking forward to seeing you again soon xx