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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Drone of jet lag

I am so very tired. My body aches and my head feels fuzzy. My eyes are heavy and if I stare long enough the shutters come down.
I wonder if anyone would notice if I did have a snooze.

However tired I feel, I am so enthused and inspired. My adventure down under has given me impetus to write and paint - I have so many colours in my mind, so many words, stories and thoughts and not just of what happened on my trip but thoughts of me, what I want and what I know.
I just wish my eyes would stay open long enough and I could support my arms long enough over my keyboard to extract my expressions and impressions. I picture it like a rainbow coming out of the top of my head - full of colour and life.


emily josephine mcphillips said...

even through the jet-lag you make time to blog. that's dedication :)

Jo said...

Escapism is more like it!

ryan manning said...

the asian daniel craig

sally cook said...

brilliant that you've come back so full of inspiration, Jo... Can't wait to hear about your trip. x