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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Internal conversations

I am at work listening to the crazy man on the street below. He appears most mornings around 10 am and is always shouting whilst he walks in a circle. In the physical sense, he is always on his on but mentally I think there are always people around him - they follow him and he shouts at them.

Yesterday he was telling somebody to stop trying to psycho- analyse him, that they will never break him. He finished the conversation by calling them "the C word". I was embarrassed for the mum with her daughter in a push chair who walked past just as he shouted it.

His conversation today went something like this:

You're planning something
I know you are
You are planning something
How can you try and explain mental health when i know you are planning something.
You are. You are planing something
You can't explain mental health when you a planning. scheming.
You are giving it away. I can see it. You are planning something.
And now I am challenging it, it is more obvious.
You are planning something
I have caught you out.
You don't want them to catch you do you? you know what will happen if do.

He mentioned something about knives and then disappeared.

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