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Monday, 29 September 2008

Not much going on today

I am working from home today, well, meant to be. I have just gone online to check my work emails but instead got lost in reading stories and blogs about what people did on the weekend. Suddenly half an hour has gone by. Oops.

Below are the reasons I cannot concentrate:

My house is cold. I am refusing to put the heating on until the clocks go back.
The sun is shining outside and I want to sit in the garden and work, but I know if I do, I am in danger of closing my eyes and dozing in the comfortable autumn sun and getting even less done.
My washing machine is too loud
I keep picking at food: few crisps, lump of cheese, biscuit, more crisps
I am tired.
I feel emotional and keep thinking about the weekend gone
I keep watching my neighbours.

There we go, another 10 minutes gone. Double oops.

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