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Monday, 8 September 2008

My painting

Over the weekend I finally found time to sit down and paint a snuggle, (definition is here) it was my second attempt. The first was too cold and didn't portray the closeness of a snuggle.

I tried to incorporate some elements of some of the aboriginal art I saw in Australia. In dreamtime paintings of the indigenous people, the half circles represent people, you can tell whether the people are male or female by the instruments by the side, men often have spears. I can't remember what women have, I have just tried to look it up in one of the books I brought back with me but I can't find my Australia folder anywhere, I feel quite panicked about this. It has everything from my trip, from tickets to postcards, leaflets and books. I hope it turns up..... soon.

Anyway, my painting doesn't have any instruments, to me, it portrays the closeness and warmth of a snuggle.

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