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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Just say YES!

I watched Yes Man at the weekend. Unfortunately I never read the book by Danny Wallace and I wish I had, as most of my friends said it was hilarious and one of the best they had read. I didn't think the film was that great. Yes, Jim Carrey is funny and played the part well and I chuckled in places but that was it. But what I did take from it is that I am a bit of a 'Yes' person. Not in the sense that I often say yes when I don't want to or that I feel that I have to but in the sense that I very rarely let something go without a try. If there is an opportunity going - I am there.

It has also made me reflect back to when I was a 'No' person. Looking back, I didn't do much, I was scared a lot of the time and lived in a bubble of false security. I remember at times when my ex and I were going through the months of turmoil, that in a bid to save what we had I started to do a few things on my own to show I did have confidence. Things such as getting the train into town on my own and meeting him and his work colleagues for drinks and getting the ferry over the Isle of Wight for the weekend to visit my mum who was on holiday. I remember at that particular time thinking that I was doing something great and completely out my comfort zone - being Miss Independent! I remember my ex commenting on how unlike it was of me and being surprised.

Now I couldn't be more different. Give me a place to go and I will. Whether it is flying to Australia on my own, driving into and around London, travelling the country to meet friends, some who I have only know through the world of twitter but have proved to be fantastic friends and meeting in person has only strengthened friendships. If someone suggests something, generally I am there.

I know there are people around me who don't do the same and that miss opportunities, all I can say is life is too short to be missed by saying no. Bite the bullet and say yes!


.... x hel x .... said...

I watched that film recently too, I didn't realise there was a book so I will have to have a look at that. I am a No person I have to say and it did make me think maybe I should start saying Yes a bit more often. I would definatley describe you as a yes person after reading your blog! Go JO! ;0)

Jo said...

Thanks Helen. You go for it - nothing to lose really. It makes life that little more interesting. If anything I need to learn to say no more often!

Amanda said...

I loved the book - def worth reading!