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Friday, 2 April 2010

Letting it flow

Sometimes things happen and we are powerless to stop them.

Like a fast flowing stream, we can throw stones into the water to try and slow it, but it won't be bothered by them and it won't try to move them, it will just find another way round.

Things happen as they are and as they are meant to.

It is a hard concept to live by


If your body is fighting and telling you to slow, you can’t fight it, it will find another way of stopping you.

If your mind is challenging your choices it will continue to create circumstances until you get it right.

If your heart is hurting from loss, you can’t fill it or replace it is a lesson of acceptance that life does carry on after loved ones

If you know that something is right, and your instinct is telling you so, don’t try to ignore it for it will only grow stronger and cause more pain.

As hard as it is we just have to let the stream flow and ride the tiny waves and accept the ripples for what they are.

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