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Thursday, 26 June 2008

I am such a wild child

Last night I felt like I was small again, I had pure excitement over something I bought at the supermarket.

I only went in to buy some mushrooms and a pasta sauce. My eyes like saucers when I spotted it, my smile stretched from ear to ear. I tried to ignore it at first but the further along the isles I got, the more it's pink sparkle called me. I thought about whether I would look stupid carrying it, but as I reached the end of the store, the excitement over the possibilities and lifetime of fun took over. I raced back through the isles and grabbed the one with pink and blue sparkles and proudly handed it to the cashier. One the way home, it rode with me up front and I smiled whenever I looked across - the sun catching the sparkles and sending dazzling twinkles through the interior of my car.

When I got it home I wanted to call and tell my mum, to call and ask her 'Guess what I just bought' , but instead, I put in on the floor, stepped into the middle and pulled it up to my waist. The beads in the middle created a buzz, a drum roll ready for when I let go, swinging it to one side and wiggle like crazy to keep it going.

I had 10 minutes of excitement, giggling to myself until I got a stitch.
I love my new hula hoop.

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