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Friday, 20 June 2008

Useful tips

Last night I was reading a book called 1001 Country Household Tips by Mary Rose.
The tips made me laugh and smile; some were very useful and some were not so, for example:

Get rid of fatty hips with a rolling pin. Roll over each thigh and hip for 3 mins before a bath.

I wonder if Mary Rose discovered this. I imagine people walking round with fat knees.

Also, to make use of old dressing gowns, cut at the waist, cut and pucker the sleeves, add buttons and turn into a bed vest.
I am trying to think of a circumstance where I would wear a bed vest.

There was a lot of tips on using lemons, one being that if you want to make freckles fade you should dab lemon juice on them for a week I have a ginger friend - I think I might have some fun and try this out.


emily josephine mcphillips said...

I would like a tip to gain more freckles, the sun doesn't work for me.

Jo said...

Me too!

My friend wasn't happy with me trying to fade his!