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Monday, 9 June 2008

Summer happiness

We picked our spot; we had walked past all the families building sandcastles and the large groups of teenagers, through the haze of sweet smelling lotions and sprays, past the sun worshipers who were basking in the heat and the little girl with the infectious laugh who was overwhelmed by the small lapping waves. We opened up my mis-shaped rug and towel and collapsed in unison. The sun tingling our skin, sending magical warming pulses through our bodies, filling our hearts with a complete sense of euphoria.
I love being at the beach with you. You don't care that the sand gets in everything, you don't complain that it is too hot, you don't mind the playful splashes.
We paddled, splashed and swam together, me in my underwear, you in your see-through-when-wet new shorts . It didn't matter what anyone thought, what mattered was that we were spending a sunny Sunday afternoon together and that we were happy.

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