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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Neighbourhood Watch

My neighbour is called Les and he is shy.
He always mentions the weather when I see him through the honeysuckle which divides our gardens. He has a bald patch on his head which he feels and scratches whilst we talk.
Les lives on his own, I don't know if he has ever been married or whether he has children; I never see any visitors.
I think Les is a creature of habit. In the five years I have lived next to him, he has always worn the same bright sky blue polo shirt and blue denim jeans. He hangs his washing in the conservatory (which I can see from the bottom of my garden) and sometimes there are up to five bright sky blue polo shirts on the line. I wondered if he has a special shop from which he buys his clothes, I wonder if he buys in bulk.
At weekends he is always in his garage 'making stuff'. I think he likes steam engines.
He waters his garden at the same time each evening.
I want to know more about Les - what he eats for his dinner, what programmes he watches, who is he really?

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