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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Apprentice is distracting me

I am watching the Apprentice whilst trying to finish at least one piece of writing. Every year I watch the compulsive show and convince myself that I am better than any of the contestants and that I would do a much better job. My mum believes so too.

I am wondering what the interview process is for the contestants to get through to the actual show and what the people who don't get through are like.

It is cringe worthy television and I love it.

This week, the contestants are setting up a catering business. Surely it is common sense to know that when it comes to food, poor quality shows, or should I say taste. It is obvious when you skimp, for example, sandwiches taste shit when they have no butter or spread. Seriously guys!

Whatever happened to keeping things simple? Whatever happened to common sense?

The work experience student we currently have at work could be on the show and would fit in well. 'Aaron' has been driving us all mad for 10 days, his classic lines include:

'Paul, why are you shredding the doughnuts? ' Paul actually moved the sweet treats to another desk and then used the shredder - for paper, not doughnuts.

When the MD stated that he had ear ache and that the pain was alike to having glass in his year, young Aaron asked 'Have you been in the loft recently? That is how you might have glass in your

After a challenging conversation with a client - 'Are all your customers stupid?'

I think he would do well in the boardroom with Sir Alan.

Anyway, enough of the ranting, I must get back to trying to finish 'something'. Sometimes I wonder why I bother, especially when I find it so hard to pull words together, I admire Emily and her writing, she is constantly posting great stories. I wonder how she manages it, she is clearly very talented and it obviously comes very natural to her. I think I need another two hours added to my day, or maybe look in new places for inspiration.

Any suggestions on finding inspiration?


Martin Higgins said...

I watched it too. I enjoyed it when one of the girls kept listing food that shouldn't be served hot and putting 'hot' at the end. And also when the bloke said "The girls are all off riding around on horses and I'm stuck here looking at you, no offence Siralan."

Idiots one and all. As someone who has the business knowledge of a small pebble I find it amusing that I still think I could do better than the lot of them.

Jo said...

That comment was particularly cringe-worthy.

A small pebble is better than pea shingle and that is what poor Rocky knew about business - you could be in with a chance.

Martin Higgins said...

That's true. I did feel sorry for poor Rocky though. And not just because of his ridiculous name which seemed to be ignored by everyone except of course siralan, who then tried to fit in all the boxing puns and references into one sentence.

I'm starting to like Nick and Margaret more and more as they get progressively more 'henchmen-like'. I fully expect them in the next series to kneel before siralans throne of tears every episode, eating scraps of pret a manger from their master's gloved hand.

Um....what were we talking about again?

Jo said...

I totally agree, was annoyed with myself after posting that I had made no reference to Nick with his frown, Margaret with her magenta lip stick and how much more I was liking them.

Were we not talking about prawns? : D

Martin Higgins said...

Yes! Prawns! So I liked the bit when siralan cooked prawns on Margaret's frown whilst Sally and Nick threw pebbles at Rocky III and I sat crying on a throne in Pret a Manger...wait...tha...I need to lie down.

Jo said...


Imagine getting a prawn stuck in your frown. ha ha ha. Classic.