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Friday, 10 April 2009

A good friday indeed

At last, a day for me to do nothing. A day for me to sleep in and laze. A day for me to look after myself - to get rid of dark circles and bloodshot tired eyes. A day to drink endless tea and eat Easter biscuits. A day to put ideas to paper (or laptop) and start developing some writing. A day to read books. Ahhh, at last a day for me.

Well until this evening where I have to pick little sister up from a gig in Southampton. I came her rescue in agreeing to fetch her after seeing ndubz (no idea who) instead of having to be picked up at 10.30pm by my mum. I remember the embarrassment of being picked up early so I stepped in and have been awarded the best sister in the world badge. I would agree. I am a pretty good sister to have.

I need to go buy Easter Eggs. Maybe just another pot of tea first.

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