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Friday, 9 May 2008

Tree swinging

Today I should feel excited and happy; we have a office team building event at Go Ape which is going to involve lots of climbing, swinging and hanging from trees. I should be looking forward to being out of the office in the fresh air and hopefully the sunshine but I feel that I would be better suited to a day under my duvet.
I don't like heights so I should see this an opportunity and a challenge to face my fear - surely if I am planning to climb the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, I can climb a few trees. I think I will probably cry at some stage, more out of frustration and anger than being scared. Being forced to have fun and be nice with someone you really don't like is hard but then this is the reason behind our team building exercise - to try and tackle the tension and have a 'nice fun day out'.
We will see. If I can work my arms after swinging for 2 hours and holding on too tight to trees, I will write about how it went. I might be surprised, I might enjoy it. If only I could smile today.

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